If only dogs could speak ........ or maybe sometimes it's just as well they can't! 


We'll take the time to get to know you and your dog.  We will put together a plan that gives you both more confidence with the aim of your furbaby at the very least, tolerating a groom and at the very best, running in to be pampered!

Having had many rescue dogs over the years, it is heartbreaking to see some of the lasting effects of their appalling experiences.  However, we do know that given patience and love, these dogs are capable of trusting again. 


Being groomed is essential for your dog's health and well-being so it is definitely something that needs to be addressed.  

The first step is to make contact with us to discuss the best way forward.  You are welcome to call us to discuss your situation, or alternatively, arrange to visit, either with or without your dog.  We can then have a chat and you can see where your dog will be groomed.  A plan will then be put together, in consultation with you, to introduce your dog to the salon and our staff, increasing time appropriately with the aim of eventually being able to groom him/her.

Initially, your dog will spend just a short time with us, tolerating our presence and hearing the salon noises.   This also allows us to assess your dog and to decide on the best way forward.  We have to move at steady pace and one that your dog is happy with.  The amount of time this takes is different for every dog but it is a worthwhile exercise and one that cannot be rushed.

We have many dogs who are now happy to come to us to be groomed after being extremely groom aggressive or nervous.   It may still not be their favourite thing but they no longer bite, they are happy to take treats and they leave with very waggy tails, some even get the zoomies around the salon afterwards!  You know what we mean!!

Give us a call today - it can be sorted!


Coco's Story

Coco is a rescue dog, who thankfully now has a good home, with a family who love her very much.  Sadly, it wasn't always this way!

Coco was kicked so hard in the face, that it broke her jaw, and other facial bones, leaving her with permanent disfigurement and breathing difficulties.  Not surprisingly, she has an ingrained mistrust of people and was very 'groom aggressive'.

Grooming had to be a part of Coco's life, as her coat was becoming unkempt and above all, she couldn't see, which was increasing her anxiety levels.

Coco really didn't like us to begin with, and to even get near her was a struggle.  After several visits, and many differences of opinion between us and Coco, we finally managed to to provide a full groom!  The day she slowly climbed up for a cuddle was a real breakthrough!  We now have a good relationship and although she will still let us know when she's not happy, she allows us to do everything we need to do. 

We feel very privileged that Coco has learnt to trust us;  it's the best feeling in the world!

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