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Following the COVID-19 outbreak, like all businesses, we have had to rewrite all of our business processes to protect our clients and staff against the virus.   


We have been so very touched with the support and kindness that our clients have shown us since the outbreak and would like it known, that if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be in a position to continue with the business and do the job that we all love so much.  So, from all of us, we'd like to send you our heartfelt thanks!!  We will be forever grateful xxx

So what next?

We have had to scale back many of the add-on services we once offered in order to protect the business, staff and of course our clients. 


Now that a large majority of people are working from home, it is clear our daycare services are needed more now than ever before.  You can rest assured that we will continue to respond to the ever changing situation and will continue to operate in line with Government guidance and of course that of DEFRA and PIF.

Entry to Premises


There will always be a member of staff on gate duty, but should the gates not open within a couple of minutes, you should call 01342 843015 to gain entry.  We would ask that you do not sound your horn as this unsettles the dogs on the premises and we wish to remain respectful to our surrounding properties.

If you have had contact with someone with Coronavirus symptoms, or are experiencing symptoms yourself, please do not visit our premises.  Unfortunately, if your dog lives in a household with someone who is showing symptoms, we will not be able to accept your dog for any services until such time as the individual has completed the statutory period of quarantine and is clear of symptoms.  

Once onsite, there are directional signs for parking; daycare & boarding, grooming & arranged retail collections.  This has been necessary to reduce the risk of Clients coming into contact with each other.  Once parked, you should stay in your vehicle until the carpark is clear of any other visitors.  There are clear signs to direct you to the service you require.  Please keep your dog on a lead at all times.  You will then be required to:

  1. Sanitise your hands using the facilities provided.

  2. Deliver/collect your dog from the holding pen.  If you are delivering your dog, please remove your dog's collar and lead, and take them home with you.  We have a supply of washable leads and collars that we will use.

  3. Sanitise your hands again.

  4. Return to your car.

There are instructional signs on every gate to help you.  Our staff will sanitise gate mechanisms and other surfaces regularly.

If you have any special instructions with regard to the care of your dog, you can contact us via telephone, email, text message, video call or request a face to face meeting.  We will then make an appointment for you at a time when there will be no other Clients onsite and we can practise social distancing safely.

A member of staff will collect your dog from the holding pen almost immediately, ensuring that you have left the area prior to entering.  Of course you are allowed to speak to us!!  As long as you are at least 2 metres away and there are not other owners waiting in vehicles, we'd be grateful for some human interaction!

Once the handover is complete, our staff will clean your dog using Dermopt Spray to reduce the risk of Coronavirus infection.  You are advised to do the same once you have collected your dog.

Food collection is by appointment only.  All orders need to be paid for in advance as we can no longer accept cash or card payments due to the risk of infection.  Payment can be made via your online account, direct payments via bank transfer or via this direct PayPal link  You will be given an appointment time and also be advised of the collection point, which will be clearly marked onsite.

There is no doubt that these are challenging times!  This is our new normal for the foreseeable future, and we are embracing it!   We will provide the same high level of care to you and your dogs as we always have.  We are hopeful that the gradual release of lockdown measures will see everyone return to some kind of normality, but at the very least, we are now in a position to respond immediately to any further lockdowns and continue to help where we can.

Thank you to all once again.

Selly    Sammy      Gemma      Cait      

Shelley       Anneka 

The Mucky Pupz Team