Importance of Grooming

Maintaining a dog's coat, especially in winter can be challenging, not least because of the copious amounts of mud, but it can have serious health implications too!

Keeping your dog well groomed is essential for your dog's well being, as well as helping to keep your home hair and odour free.  Certain breeds need more grooming than others and are more prone to matting but without regular grooming, these mats can pull on the skin and cause pain and discomfort to your dog.  In addition, the matted hair provides a breeding ground for bacteria and can cause skin infections. There is often no alternative but to shave the coat completely.

Ears, eyes and skin folds are particularly prone to infections as food, dirt and other foreign bodies get caught in the hair.  It is important to keep the hair around these areas relatively short.

Nails should be trimmed regularly, approximately every 4 - 6 weeks, depending on where your dog is usually exercised.  Nails that are allowed to get too long will cause pain as the nail is pushed back into the nail bed.  The quick will grow with the nail, making trimming to an acceptable level almost impossible. In these instances, your dog will need veterinary care as the nails will need to be trimmed under anaesthetic.


Regular appointments will ensure your dog stays clean, tidy and healthy and is an opportunity for your dog to be checked over thoroughly for lumps, bumps and skin conditions.  


All prices are offered as a guideline only.  The size and nature of your dog, service required and general condition of your dog's coat have to be taken into consideration.