Do you struggle keeping your dog in good condition?  

Some dogs need more grooming than others and some are really high maintenance.  It doesn't take long for small knots to turn into major mats and before you know it, you feel completely overwhelmed and guilty.

We know how life can be, and how things can run away with you. Putting a Grooming Plan in place, can take the worry away from you.

What is a Grooming Plan?

Everyone's lifestyles are different.  What works for one, may not work for another.  We all have likes and dislikes with regard to how we want our dog to look, but occasionally our likes are not necessarily compatible with our lifestyle and we have to make sensible decisions.  

It's important that pet parents are realistic with the time they have available to dedicate to the grooming of their dog.  Ideally, your dog should be brushed everyday, but is this something that you can really manage? 

If you are determined to keep your dog shaggy, then there are really only 3 choices; you brush him everyday yourself, ensuring you get to all those mat prone areas, you book him in regularly with the groomer and stay in control or the third, less popular option, is to keep your dog's coat in a shorter, more manageable style.

Taking all of the above into consideration, we will discuss with you the best options available.  We will advise on the recommended interval between grooms, keeping in mind your dog's coat type, required style, and his willingness to be groomed.  For those dogs who really hate it, we can push grooming dates further apart by keeping him short, or we can work with him to make the experience much more enjoyable by factoring in a few shorter visits along the way.  Whatever works for both of us, is what will be put into your Grooming Plan.

You will be provided with mutually convenient appointment dates until the end of the year, at the agreed intervals. These can be changed if they are inconvenient a little nearer the time, but this will be subject to availability.  The aim of the plan is to ensure that you do not struggle for appointments, your dog stays in good condition, and we can avoid those pesky knots appearing in the first instance.

As long as you adhere to the agreed grooming interval, and you dog stays in good condition, you will be entitled to a 10% discount off the usual full groom price!!

You are free to request additional appointments should you need them.  We would rather you came in to see us before any minor knots become major mats requiring a shave down.

We are happy to use any medicated shampoos that are veterinary prescribed.

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