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Grooming Guide Prices

Our pricing structure is determined by the size, breed and temperament of your dog, as well as the condition of its coat.  Prices are, therefore, offered as a guide only.

Prior to any groom, we will provide a free consultation and guidance on the best way to maintain your dog's coat, and discuss your requirements.  We can then confirm the price with you.  If we later find anything that would incur additional cost, we would always contact you to seek your approval beforehand.



Small dogs start from £35.00
Medium dogs start from £45.00
Large dogs start from £55.00
Giant dogs start from £65.00


Your dog will be thoroughly brushed through, with any mats removed prior to bathing.  Your dog will then receive a full shampoo, conditioner, massage, 7 point health check, full style trim, eyes, ears, nails and pads trimmed, and a sanitary trim.


Handstripping is more appropriate for wire coated dogs and terriers.  If your dog is a pet rather than a show dog, it may be a better option for you to have the coat clipped.  However, there are a few things you need to consider before making that decision.  Clipping will need to be done at least every 3 months to keep your dog looking tidy, possibly more often.  It may also change the texture of the coat, meaning that handstripping in the future may not be possible.  It does, however mean that you can remain in control.


Handstripping does leave the coat more natural.  Once the coat has blown (hair is rather shaggy and contains dead hair), the guard hairs are removed by pulling them out by hand. However, we prefer not to handstrip as it can be quite uncomfortable for the dog, especially for those that have been neutered. The coat becomes much softer due to hormonal changes and often handstripping is not even possible.


From £6.00.  This should be done every 4-6 weeks depending on where your dog is exercised.  Back claws usually wear down quicker than the front.  It is important to keep the claws at a reasonable length to avoid the quick growing excessively.  As a general guide, the nails should not be touching the floor when your dog is in a natural standing position.  


Long nails cause the nail to be pushed back into the nail bed and the toes to twist, which can be extremely painful.  They are then less likely to let you touch their feet at all, meaning an expensive trip to the vet.




Prices start from £40.00.  We will provide a free consultation to assess the severity of any matting and discuss with you the desired vs realistic outcome.  We apply a 10 minute rule whereby mats that cannot be removed within that time, are shaved.  It is simply a humane approach, as mats that have been in the coat for some time, will pull on the skin and will have probably caused bruising. We want to avoid distressing your dog and causing him further anxiety when being groomed again in the future.  

Some coats are more prone to matting than others, especially wool coated dogs.  It is important to check your dog for mats regularly and deal with them as soon as possible.  Prevention really is better than cure, but we know only too well how easily a high maintenance coat can run away with an owner;  Just a few simple mats can become a major problem especially if the dog gets wet.  Just a couple of hours with us, and you will be right back in control.


Carding is not the same as Handstripping.  Carding removes the undercoat from double coated dogs such as Labradors, Pugs, German Shepherds etc and helps with excessive shedding in your home.


Handstripping removes the dead hairs from a wire haired coated dog, leaving new, soft hair behind.


Once the undercoat has been removed, your dog will be bathed in an appropriate shampoo, and then blaster dried.  We do not use dryer cabinets.


All services include a 7 point health check: skin, unwanted parasites, ears, eyes, teeth, feet and lastly, a check for lumps and bumps.