Grooming Services

Treat your dog to a relaxing grooming session whilst at daycare.  Our salon is open to Daycare Dogs & Boarders only.  Your dog will be the only dog in the salon at any one time, providing a calm and exclusive service.

We take a holistic approach to your dog's well being and this begins with love, relaxation and massage.  Not every dog enjoys the grooming process, but it doesn't have to be a negative experience!!


The salon is a quiet, calm, airy and relaxing space with soft music and aromatherapy.  We work at your dog's pace and ensure your dog's stress levels are kept to an absolute minimum. 


Introductory sessions are available for those who may have had a previous bad experience.  We'll work together towards a good outcome.

Grooming services have been postponed due to COVID restrictions.  However, we have introduced afternoon brushing sessions, which the dogs are enjoying very much.  It's a nice bonding session and there are many that sit and wait their turn.  Please note this is a complimentary service provided to assist you in keeping your dog in good condition whilst we sit out the latest lockdown.