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Welcome to Mucky Pupz

Mucky Pupz is located in Burstow, Horley; ...... we provide an exclusive, all inclusive care package for worry free dog ownership. All dogs are subject to a rigorous entry assessment and behaviour is monitored constantly.

Our usual operating hours are between 7:00am until 6:30pm. 


We are fully licensed by Tandridge District Council, fully insured and DBS checked; all available to view on request.

At Mucky Pupz we provide complete care for your much loved pooch, giving him a home from home experience along with activities to keep him mentally and physically challenged. It is an ideal opportunity for dogs to really stretch their legs in a safe environment, meet other dogs and just enjoy being a dog for the whole day!  

Whilst here, they can take advantage of our grooming services and return home feeling tired, fulfilled, looking and smelling great!


We are fully licensed by Tandridge District Council and awarded a 5 Star Rating

We have 4 acres of secure greenland, which the dogs have supervised access to.  This area is divided up into various zones to allow for different activities with smaller groups throughout the day.  We have agility, splash pools and ball pools in the summer, along with an indoor softplay area.  Dogs have access to quiet areas should they prefer to rest.

Boarding takes the same format as daycare, the only difference being that some will stay over for the night.  We do not have kennels and all dogs live with us as part of our extended family.  Overnight, they will have their own bedroom with a single bed, radiator, radio/tv; unless of course they would prefer to be with someone, in which case they can do just that!


Our service is simple and easy to manage with our online booking system.  You are able to request services online and access your account 24hrs a day.


A true home from home experience, our daycare pupz have exclusive use of our 4 acre property and specially designed doggie garden. The whole day is planned around each and every dog we have with us; we cater for all characters and ages and are sympathetic to the different needs of each one.   

Exclusive Daycare, Boarding & Grooming - complete care for your dog!

We provide a home from home service with lots of cuddles and there's not a kennel in sight. Enjoy your holiday knowing that your dog is probably having more fun than you are!

Boarding is available to those dogs who attend our daycare only.

We have a fully equipped salon to provide everything from just nail clipping to a full spa treatment.  Your dog will be treated like royalty whilst here, and will return home looking fabulous and smelling great.

We specialise in grooming
nervous dogs and doodles


Being groomed by a human, isn't something that dogs are naturally born to accept. Unfortunately, either a lack of training or a bad experience can adversely affect their ability to tolerate the process, making grooming a stressful experience for all concerned.

Medical Requirements

We are happy to administer medication and have experience of dogs with lifelong illnesses such as diabetes and allergies, short term infections and palliative care such as lymphoma.  All provided free of charge.

All staff are trained in canine first aid.

Dogs have been part of our family since forever and we know how important they are to our wellbeing and to our mental health.  Never before has this been more true.  We encourage our pet parents to attend our Volunteer Days if they are able to.  Working with dogs is a healthy way to spend your day and gives you a different perspective on life.  Dogs live in the moment and have no idea what's going on in the world.  They love unconditionally and instinctively know when you are feeling down.  It's also a good opportunity to see how your dog behaves in a pack environment;  you'll see them from a whole new perspective!!!



We've had all manner of rescues in our lives for many years and without them our lives just wouldn't be the same.  Our experience spans some 30 years, from boarding dogs for rescue centres at short notice to caring for an unexpected litter of pups.

We are happy to administer medication and have experience of dogs with lifelong illnesses such as diabetes and allergies, short term infections and palliative care such as lymphoma. All we would need is authorisation from you to administer medication and instructions as to what to do in an emergency.


We are lucky enough to live in the Surrey Countryside, just ten minutes from Gatwick Airport. We have four acres for our four legged friends to have fun and games and would love to welcome your fur baby to our home.  



We are fully licensed by Tandridge District Council, insured and DBS checked : all available to view on request.




Brookwood, Church Road, Burstow, Horley, Surrey RH6 9RG

Tel:      01342 843015

Mob:   07714 025636


Daycare : Mon-Fri : 7:00am - 6:30pm

Sat : 10am - 4pm (for Collections &

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Boarding available to daycare attendees only!

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