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Prevention is definitely better than cure; it is imperative that your dog is up to date with worming. Lungworm can prove fatal if left untreated or not diagnosed!


Lungworm - is your dog at risk?

All dogs are at risk, regardless of breed or age!  That said, younger dogs are inquisitive and will chew on everything, putting them at a higher risk.  None of us like to think of our dogs doing disgusting things!  The truth is that they are animals and they will do what dogs do, despite our best efforts!

Slugs and snails carry lungworm larvae and your dog will come into contact with many, especially during the spring and autumn months.  Some dogs love to munch on a tasty snail, whilst others may inadvertently swallow one from a water bowl or whilst eating grass.  Slime can also carry the parasite.  Dogs who are partial to eating faeces, or rolling in fox poo are also at risk!

Mucky Pupz is located in the countryside and we have many overnight visitors to the gardens, including foxes, badgers and deer.  All faeces is removed at least daily, and immediately whenever it is seen, but there is still a risk that your dog could eat something we would prefer him not to.  

Please speak to your vet if you are unsure as to whether your current medication covers lungworm.

Know your dog!



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