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VIP Membership

How does it work?

  • You pay a fixed fee, payable at the beginning of each month.

  • You are entitled to daycare for 5 days per week.  Your dog will be allocated 5 days per week, regardless of whether your dog attends. 

  • The fee is £324.00 per month, payable on 1st of each month.

  • You can add an additional dog for just £259.20 per month.

  • You can drop your dog to us at anytime from 5:30am (with prior arrangement) and collect up to 10:30pm at no extra cost.  Discounted Boarding rate applies if collection is after 10:30pm.

  • We can take your dog to scheduled veterinary appointments.

  • Boarding is charged at £13.80 per night, per dog.  (Weekends are not included & are charged separately - 10% discount applied)

  • You receive 10% discount on Jack Wolf Raw Food for Dogs & Feelwells Treats.

  • We can administer medication at no extra cost.

  • No surcharges are applied to your account.

  • You are given daily updates as to the well-being and activities of your dog whilst at daycare.



Additional Benefits

  • You pay a fixed amount each month, regardless of how many week days are in that month.  For example:  an average month will consist of between 20 and 23 days of daycare, with the shortest month being December where we usually break a week before Christmas and return the second week of January.  Your monthly invoice amount will not change.  Our prices have been calculated across the year so as to provide a fair daycare rate, to assist our owners with budgeting and of course to provide stability for the business.

  • On average, you will be paying between £14.00 and £20.00 per session, depending on how many days your dog attends during the month.  The average cost of daycare in our area is £28.00 per day.

  • You are paying for your dog’s place at daycare, it is not based on the number of sessions attended.

  • You have the benefit of knowing that your daycare costs are capped and there are no hidden extras.

  • We do require one month's notice of the cancellation of your VIP Pass.  This is to ensure that we are able to reallocate your space during this time.  However, you are able to pay a £120.00 (includes VAT) holding fee for your VIP Pass each month, to ensure that your space is protected.  We will then only offer your space on an adhoc basis during the time your dog is absent.  Your VIP Pass will be ready and waiting for when you need it.

Not included:


  • Weekend care is not included in VIP Membership and is charged separately.  However 10% discount will be applied.

  • Grooming services are not included in VIP Membership and is charged separately.  However, you are entitled to 10% off the usual grooming prices, providing your dog remains in good condition.

*  All prices are inclusive of VAT