VIP Membership   -  What’s included?

  • You pay a fixed fee, payable at the beginning of each month.

  • You are entitled to daycare for 5 days per week.  Your dog will be allocated 5 days per week, regardless of whether your dog attends.f your dog whilst at daycare.

  • Without transport, the fee is £324.00 per month (you may add adhoc transport at £3.78 for each journey).

  • With daily transport, the fee is £388.80 per month.

  • You can add an additional dog for just £259.20 per month without transport or £302.40 per month with transport.

  • You can drop your dog to us at anytime from 5:30am (with prior arrangement) and collect up to 10:30pm.  Discounted Boarding rate applies if collection is after 10:30pm.

  • We can collect your dog daily by 9:30am and deliver him home by 5:00pm.

  • We can take your dog to scheduled veterinary appointments.

  • Boarding is charged at £13.80 per night, per dog.  (Weekends are not included & are charged separately - 10% discount applied)

  • You receive 10% discount on Jack Wolf Raw Food for Dogs & Feelwells Treats.

  • We can administer medication at no extra cost.

  • You are not affected by our scheduled closures and daycare continues as usual.

  • No surcharges are applied to your account.

  • You are given daily updates as to the well-being and activities of your dog whilst at daycare.



Additional Benefits

  • You pay a fixed amount each month, regardless of how many week days are in that month.  For example:  an average month will consist of between 20 and 23 days of daycare.  Your monthly invoice amount will not change.

  • On average, you will be paying between £14.00 and £20.00 per session, depending on how many days your dog attends during the month.  The average cost of daycare in our area is £25.00 per day.

  • You are paying for your dog’s place at daycare, it is not based on the number of sessions attended.

  • You have the benefit of knowing that your daycare costs are capped and there are no hidden extras.

Not included:


  • Weekend care is not included in VIP Membership and is charged separately.  However 10% discount will be applied.

  • Grooming services are not included in VIP Membership and is charged separately.  However, you are entitled to 10% off the usual grooming prices.

*  All prices are inclusive of VAT

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