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Each family group has their own bedroom with a single bed, heating, tv/radio and time with the family at the end of each day.  Bedtime is around 10pm, where they will snuggle down with a single duvet, cuddles and a bedtime treat from Winston's Bistro.


Dogs are probably affected by your absence more than most other animals, and kennels can be a further source of anxiety.  We provide a similar environment to your own home, with lots of walks, run arounds, cuddles and treats.  We have four acres with designated secure areas for dogs only. We are fully insured should the unthinkable happen, but we will look after your little ones as if he/she were our own.  


Boarders are provided with the same stimulating care that our daycare dogs receive. The only difference being your dog will stay over each night for the duration of your booking.  We respect your existing sleeping arrangements and try to mirror that wherever possible.  We cater for all ages and characters and find that some of our residents prefer just the morning routine and to spend the afternoon snoozing.  The choice has to be your pupz;  this is especially true for older dogs and for those who aren't high energy.


You will also benefit from regular updates as to how your little one is doing.  This could be a short text message to say all is well, or could be some pictures of your furry's holiday. We find that this is a big comfort for those owners who hate being parted from their dogs although they will probably be having more fun than you are!


Pug party at Mucky Pupz


Please Note:   Boarding is only available to dogs who attend our daycare at least one day per week. This is to avoid any territorial issues that may arise between the existing pack and any 'newcomer'.

A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking, with the balance due 14 days before boarding.

Payment Plans are available, allowing you to spread the cost of your annual holiday across the year.

Boarding available to daycare attendees only!

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