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you will need to Register a New Account online.  




Grooming Services are available to everyone.  Please register above.



For daycare & homeboarding, registration does not commit you to anything but does provide us with information as to who we are showing around the property.  This is for security purposes only.


Once registered you can either give us a call to request a visit or book a 'Mucky Pupz Tour' online. This is a 20-30 minute tour so that we may show you the facilities and answer any questions you may have. Also, it is an opportunity for us to meet your dog.  (Please note that we do not allow children onsite under 10 years of age for safety reasons.  Visits are scheduled for weekends only as visitors can have an adverse effect on the dogs in our care). SOCIAL DISTANCING WILL BE OBSERVED!

If you like what you see and our first impressions of your pooch are good, the next step is to arrange a 2 hour 'Assessment' which is done during the week between the hours of 1pm and 3pm. This is free of charge, however you will be required to drop off and pick up your dog.  We do not allow owners to stay for the assessment as this is a distraction and dogs may not behave naturally in your presence.  



Amongst other things, the assessment is designed to measure your dog's ability to integrate into a pack. Whilst this is the most natural thing in the world, there are some that do not cope well as they have never experienced a large number of dogs at once, and it can be overwhelming.

Your dog's temperament will also be assessed.  We are looking for a calm, stable dog; one who is sociable, willingly shares and is comfortable in his/her own skin.  The results of the assessment are dependent on the type of dogs we have in on assessment day, and of course the mood of your dog - we all have bad days!  We do make allowances, however we will not and cannot accept any dog that is clearly aggressive!


During the two hours you will be kept informed of progress.  




Upon completing the assessment successfully, you are free to start requesting services.  You may do this in any way that is convenient for you; online, by telephone, text message, or email.  Our online service is easy to use and provides you with a schedule of confirmed bookings, requested bookings, invoices etc.  


We generate invoices at the end of each month for the forthcoming month.  We encourage clients to make their bookings for the month ahead as soon as they know their requirements, as we do get booked up quickly.  Invoices are payable in advance.

If we consider that your dog is unsuitable for daycare or homeboarding, you will be informed as to the reasons why.  We know that this can be a difficult thing to hear; almost as difficult as hearing that your child has misbehaved at school!  Rest assured this is never personal; it is what is in the best interests of your dog and the other dogs in our care.  If the problem is something that can be worked on, we may be able to reassess your dog at a later date.


Daycare should not be used to rehabilitate your dog.  Daycare is for stable well-mannered dogs who are socialable.  We do offer one to one obedience training and can offer advice for problems you may be experiencing, but daycare cannot correct well established issues!  We are happy to work with a behaviourist if your dog is nervous or just needs a little coaching but we will not accept any dog with aggression issues.

Boarding available to daycare attendees only!

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