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Basic Obedience Training


We have many puppies that join us once their vaccinations are complete and many are with us almost every day.  Puppies learn very quickly and it's essential that they receive a basic level of training during their first few months to ensure they become good citizens and know exactly what is expected of them.

Whether a dog is receiving formal training or not, every dog in our care is expected to behave and is corrected whenever necessary.  The pack is instrumental in this as there can be no greater teachers than other dogs!  However, as owners, we need to teach them our language and for them to learn how to live with us, as part of our family.

Your dog will learn all basic commands and you will be provided with a weekly summary as to how your dog is progressing.  Formal training is delivered on a one to one basis and for short but intense sessions.  This is to ensure we make steady progress and that your dog doesn't become bored.  Puppies attention span tends to be short and training needs to remain fun.  Outside of the one to one sessions, commands are constantly reinforced and rewarded, until it becomes second nature.  

Behavioural Training

Much like children, occasionally dogs will learn unwanted behaviours and we need to correct them as soon as possible.  For the most part, dogs behave in a completely normal way given a certain set of circumstances, but it may not be a behaviour that is acceptable to the owner.

On consultation with you, and taking into account any negative experiences your dog may have had, we can put a plan together that will address the unwanted behaviour.  It is not so much unlearning a behaviour but learning a new way to behave in certain situations.

If your dog is spending much of his day with us in daycare, it needs to be educational, fun and full of structured exercise.  The truth is, a tired dog rarely gets himself into trouble!

All dogs are given the opportunity to rest every afternoon and have free access during the day to water, shelter and warm beds.

Loki (to the left), was a much valued member of our Mucky Pupz Pack.  He sadly passed over the Rainbow Bridge in 2020 and we miss him every day.  He was not only a handsome boy, but his manners were exemplary.  He will take his place on our 'Wall of Fame' and of course in our Memorial Garden.

Boarding available to daycare attendees only!

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