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Agility & Soft Play

Soft play is popular with all dogs, but particularly puppies and oldies.  It's an opportunity for dogs to unwind, play with the others, sleep on the sofas or occasionally we may find a puppy that's fallen asleep, mid-play, on the bean bags!  Whatever they are happy doing is fine by us.

When in a confined area with a large number of dogs, it is important to keep the atmosphere light hearted to avoid any unnecessary altercations.  To help achieve this we use dog friendly aromatherapy in the soft play area.  We also play Disney films and cartoons all day long to create noise distractions. 


It may all sound rather silly, but it works!  Dogs are lead by their sense of smell, their hearing and lastly their sight.  If we can keep them relaxed and happy, everything else falls into place and we have a happy pack!

We visit the soft play area at least once a day, possibly more depending on the weather. The inside area has been expanded to include an undercover area with additional equipment and an outside run.  

The diagram below shows a representation of our premises.  See blog for further details.

Agility is a fantastic sport for high energy dogs and those who look for constant stimulation. We use tunnels, hurdles, hoops & seesaws, all lightweight and safe for dogs and puppies. 

Not all dogs participate as some do not possess the physical fitness, some may have health considerations and some are just not interested.  Whatever the circumstances, no dog is ever forced to join in and it always remains a fun and enjoyable activity.  

Boarding available to daycare attendees only!

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